How To Order


Step 1: Once you've gone through our website and found what you are looking for,
go to the Quote Page and let us know the details of what you need.

Step 2: Once we recieve your information, we will send you an invoice by email.

Step 3: To start your order, call our toll free number (listed on the invoice) with your payment information listed below.


Payment Information

To start your order, we would need a down payment of 50% to get started, with the balance payable before the jerseys are shipped out.
The payment methods are outlined below:

Interac Transfer or PayPal:   We accept both direct bank transfers and PayPal through our email address

Credit Card:   Give us a call at the phone number on your invoice and we'll take your VISA, MasterCard or AMEX number over the phone. (*AMEX only accepted for Canadian orders)

Personal Cheque :   If the invoice is to your liking then write out a check and send it via regular mail. Let us know it is on the way.

Money Order :  If you are ordering from Canada, a regular Money Order is sufficient. A US Money Order is not redeemable here in Canada so if you are ordering from the US an International Money Order is needed. Please check with the issuer that it is redeemable up here. For International Orders an International Money Order is the method of payment.

You may send it to this address:

Big Stick Hockey Jerseys
2238 Dundas St. West, Unit B107
Toronto, Ontario, M6R 3A9



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