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In the great tradition of Bobby Orr and Ted Green, whose autographs grace this photo, Jordan apparently chose to play hockey without a helmet or proper gloves. He chose not to wear a toque either and at an outdoor rink in Winnipeg in February, this is far more brave.

Each day Jordan bravely handles a plethora of questions, email and phone calls with answers showing his years of experience in the hockey jersey business.

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Our second Manitoba import, Chuck honed his hockey skills on the outdoor rinks of Selkirk as seen in this photo. Unlike Jordan he is dressed for the harsh prairie winter.

As bona-fide hockey jersey collector with over 120, Chuck has an eye for what works well and what doesn't. Producing numbers, names and crests is his specialty.


tom-kid.jpg (15834 bytes) Tom

Suburban Toronto is where Tom got his start and as his uniform would indicate he is a Maple Leafs fan. He has carried his tradition of wearing mis-matched hockey pants well into his adulthood.

Don't let this temporary fashion faux-paus alarm you. Tom's standards of jersey making are very high and nothing of mediocre quality gets past his keen eyes.

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A product of the Athens Flyers minor hockey system, Paul was on loan to Nepean when this photo was taken.

Around Big Stick there is nothing he does not have a hand in (minus the brown gloves shown here). "Get 'em done and do 'em right" is his mantra.

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Customer Service, Shipping/Receiving


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Customer Service, Shipping/Receiving

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Graphic Design, Logo Doctor Extraordinaire

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Sewing, Finishing


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