Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping


  • How do you ship jerseys within Canada?
  • Do you ship internationally?
  • How are jerseys shipped to the USA?
  • What is a Customs Broker and why is one needed?
  • Will there be any further charges when my jerseys arrive?
  • How are small orders sent out?


We offer UPS, Purolator and by Canada Post; Xpresspost and Expedited. One of these options will suit your time frame and budget. Please provide us with your postal code for accurate prices.

Yes we do, our jerseys are being used on every continent except South America. Method of shipping can range from the slow parcel rate to UPS overnight.

For full team orders we usually send them by UPS Standard (Ground) although we can also use USPS Priority Mail or Airmail. We recommend the former as your valuable shipment can be tracked with precision. We also buy insurance for the contents in the event that damage or loss occurs. Orders over $200.00 is subject to Customs Brokerage fees and therefore the cost increases disproportionately. Brokerage fees are outlined further below.

Orders of one or two jerseys can be shipped via Xpresspost (Priority Mail). Airmail is another option with a lesser cost but a longer wait.

Each shipment of jerseys (valued at over $200.00 US) crossing the US / Canada border needs to be guided through US Customs by a broker. US Customs usually requires an EIN or Social Security Number for larger packages that cross the border. If you do not feel comfortable giving us this info, then a UPS Customs Broker will contact you for it. The cost of the broker fee varies with the value of your shipment but is included in the cost of shipping in your invoice.


All of the items we sell are exempt from duties under the North American Free Trade Agreement. Since the Customs Broker Fees are included in your shipping cost, we take care that as well. We make every effort to make sure shipping goes easily and smoothly for you. Beware of other jersey exporters with unusually low shipping rates. They may not be telling you the full story.

Orders of 1 to 2 jerseys will be shipped out either Xpresspost or Air Mail via the Canadian and US Postal systems. It usually takes 5 days for Xpresspost (Priority Mail) and 8 to 12 business days for Airmail to arrive in your mailbox. Brokerage fees do not apply to small orders sent throught the mail. Smaller orders where the value is under $200 can also be sent via UPS Standard at a reasonable rate and more easily tracked / traced.


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