Hockey Jerseys


The following is a list of hockey sweaters available through BIG STICK. Some are available as "in-stock" and some will need to be custom ordered.
Almost all of the styles below can be ordered with your team's colours substituted into the striping patterns. Prices are for team orders of 10 or more.

  Pre-Made Jersey Sets
pre-made-jersey.gif (2643 bytes) Need Your Jerseys Tomorrow?

If you are in a hurry, we have sets of jerseys already numbered
and ready to ship today.

  Practice and Lightweight Jerseys
Practice Hockey Jerseys

One-colour uniforms in an assortment of colours.
Heavy mesh, light mesh, air knit, light air knit and pro-weight.

Lightweight Mesh & Ball Hockey Jerseys

For those who need a good looking shirt in a
lighter mesh material at a more economical price.

calgary-3300--316.gif (2737 bytes) Lightweight Knit Jerseys

For those who need a good looking shirt in a
lighter knit material at a more economical price.

  Air Knit Jerseys
kobe-3-stripe-purple.gif (2673 bytes) Economical Air Knit Jerseys

Simple striping patterns in air knit material at a great price.

Calgary3.gif (2704 bytes) Recent NHL Jerseys

Our most popular category of jerseys. Air knit material,
a traditional cut and well known striping patterns .

columbus-11-3rd-trans.gif (3744 bytes) Current NHL Patterns in A Traditional Cut

The current NHL jersey patterns made in
air knit material in a traditional square cut.

boston-26.GIF (2982 bytes) Vintage NHL Jerseys

Old styles are new again.
NHL patterns no longer in use by the pro teams have found a home here.

central-texas-away.gif (3380 bytes) Minor Pro, Junior, International and College Jerseys

This page features a potpourri of hockey uniforms including: Minor Pro teams, Junior, University, National and NHL All Star jerseys.

florida-navy-rbk-2.gif (8357 bytes) RBK Edge Jerseys

The current NHL jersey patterns made by
Reebok in their "Wave Knit" in a contour cut.

  Heavy Mesh Jerseys
Blank NHL Jerseys in Mesh

Listed here are NHL team patterns in heavy mesh material
which features larger air holes for maximum air flow.

tak-346.gif (2547 bytes) Other Striped Jerseys in Mesh

Over 45 colour combinations in heavy mesh.

  Custom Jerseys
Custom Hockey Jerseys in Your Team's Colours

Substitute your teams's colour in an NHL pattern.
Custom made for you in about 5 to 6 weeks.

winnipeg-79-blue.gif (2705 bytes) Professional Weight Jerseys

This is the real deal;  heavy NHL-weight jerseys
with all the bells and whistles.

  Sublimated Jerseys
tuxedo-black.gif (7537 bytes)
Stock Sublimated Jerseys

Not for the convservative or traditionalists. Wild designs
abound in this collection of dye sublimated jerseys.

custom-wave.gif (5614 bytes) Custom Sublimated Jerseys

Anything goes with custom sublimated jerseys.
No longer are you limited to simple stripes.

smallsocks.gif (2487 bytes)
Hockey Socks

Matching socks for all of the above jerseys.

  Size Charts

scissors.gif (5597 bytes)

Sizes and Specifics of Jerseys We Sell

All jerseys are not created equal!!
Check out the sizes, features and specifics of all of the brands we sell.


air-knit-square.jpg (26626 bytes) mesh-square.jpg (29001 bytes) dazzle-square.jpg (23517 bytes) light-mesh-square.jpg (27523 bytes)
Air Knit Heavy Mesh Dazzle Light Mesh
See larger pictures of the fabrics.
The above close-ups are not scanned to the same scale.


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