Professional Weight Jerseys


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Pro jerseys are made using a heavier weight material worn by NHL teams and other professional hockey leagues.
The heaviness of the material sets them apart from "standard weight" jerseys used by almost all non-professional players
Most manufacutrers use the terms "pro" "pro style" etc. but these are not to be confused with "pro weight".

Pro weight jerseys are a stock item only in solid colour practice jerseys.
All other styles are custom made for you in 7 weeks plus time for cresting and numbering.

There is a minimum order of 12 jerseys at a time so order extras with your original order!
Prices for NHL patterns start at $77.00 CAN per blank jersey.


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Fight Strap Underarm Gussetts Weighted Hem Double Layered Elbows
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Knitted Stripes Heavy Weight Material Re-enforced Seams Chest Tag



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